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Technology Updates of the Months of February 2012

 Mailbox Replication Proxy Service in a Nutshell

This month we want to focus in on one of the less known but quite important features in Exchange 2010 especially in these “move to the cloud” days. mean Office 365 but also private clouds. You see when you want to do an on-prem cross-forest migration or a move to Office 365, the so called “Mailbox Replication Proxy service” or in short “MRSProxy service” plays a very important role.

So what is this MRSProxy service anyway and why should we even care? The MRSProxy service helps facilitate cross-forest mailbox move requests. It’s useful when performing a cross-forest migration from either a pure Exchange 2010 source forest or a legacy Exchange 2003/2007 forest to an Exchange 2010 target forest or Office 365. When planning to move to Office 365 using the rich coexistence method, you don’t even have a choice. In this scenario, you must have the MRSProxy service running in the source Exchange forest when using the New-MoveRequest cmdlet to move mailboxes to Office 365.
So when you perform a cross-forest mailbox move using the New-MoveRequest cmdlet in Exchange 2010 or Office 365, you can either do a legacy remote move request or a remote move request. When doing a legacy remote move request, the Mailbox Replication service (MRS) in the Exchange 2010 target forest does the move similar to how it’s done in previous versions of Exchange. That is the MRS communicates directly with a domain controller in the source Active Directory forest and the mailbox server holding the mailbox that are to be moved.

If the source Exchange forest is running Exchange 2010 or Exchange 2003/2007 and has at least one Exchange 2010 Client Access Server deployed, you can do non-legacy remote move requests which involves the MRSProxy service. When the MRSProxy service has been enabled in the source Exchange forest, the MRS will be able to encapsulate all the communication in HTTP(S) packets which both simplifies and improves the remote moves significantly. More specifically, the MRSProxy service will well proxy all MAPI, ExRPCAdmin and LDAP requests, which means you don’t need to ask your network/security guys to open up for MAPI, LDAP etc. in the firewall. You just need port 443 and you‘re rolling.

More specifically, you will see the following workflow:

1. You initiate a New-MoveRequest in the Exchange 2010 target forest
2. The MRS on an Exchange 2010 CAS server in the target forest will communicate with the MRSProxy service on an Exchange 2010 CAS server in the source forest using SSL
3. The MRSProxy service in source forest will communicate with the MRS in the source forest
4. The MRS in the source forest will communicate with the respective mailbox server and domain controller on relevant ports (LDAP, MAPI etc.)
5. The mailbox data will be move from source forest to target forest using HTTPS

Before we finish this off, it’s worth noting that the way in which you enable the MRSProxy service on an Exchange 2010 CAS server has changed with Exchange 2010 SP2. Hope you found the information useful.

What is the BlackBerry Device Analyzer 5.0 SP2

The BlackBerry Device Analyzer is an application included with BlackBerry 7.1 smartphones. It is designed to assist in identifying possible issues with the BlackBerry smartphone. The tests included are as follows:

Internet Mail Account Issues - Detect internet mail account problems that can prevent BlackBerry users from receiving/sending emails

o Internet Mail Account Configuration Test

Battery Test - Run diagnostic tests on the battery in your BlackBerry

o Not Charging
o Battery Charging Too Slowly
o Battery Draining Too Quickly

Issues With Device Responsiveness - Runs tests to diagnose sluggishness on the device

o Test Device Responsiveness

Cellular Network Connection Issues - Test network connectivity

o Cannot Connect To Network
o Intermittent Connection Drops

Wi-Fi Connection Issues - Test and Tools for the Wireless LAN on your device

o Intermittent Connection Drops
o Wi-Fi® Diagnostics
o Ping
o Site Survey Tool
o DNS Lookup

Hardware - Test various hardware components on the device

o GPS Test
o Holster Test
o Playback Test
o SD Card Test
o Speaker Test

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