Sunday, April 7, 2013

Lync 2010 Client Troubleshooting-2

Issue   After installing Microsoft Lync 2010, you attempt to join a scheduled Microsoft Office Live Meeting, and you receive the following error message:
“Live Meeting cannot connect to the meeting. Wait a few moments, and then try to join the meeting again. If you still cannot connect, contact your administrator or technical support.”
Resolution   Do the following:
  1. In the upper right corner of the Lync main window, click Options (gear icon).
  2. Click Personal, and then, under My account, click Advanced.
  3. Click Automatic Configuration, and then click OK.
  4. Close Lync 2010, and then open it again.

Issue   Microsoft Office Outlook 2003 stops responding when you schedule a Microsoft Lync 2010 meeting.
Resolution   The fix for this issue was released with the Microsoft Office 2003 Cumulative Update (CU) of December 14, 2010, which was the regular bimonthly Microsoft Office update release. For details, see Microsoft Knowledge Base article 2449798, “Description of the Office Outlook 2003 update: December 14, 2010,” at, or contact Microsoft Product Support and mention Microsoft Knowledge Base article 2449798.

Issue   You are not able to join a Microsoft Lync 2010 meeting or conference call.
Resolution   Do the following:
  • Make sure your phone or device is optimized for Lync 2010. For a list of optimized devices, see “Phones and Devices Qualified for Microsoft Lync” at
  • Test your audio device(s) from the Lync - Options dialog box, and confirm that they are functioning properly before trying to join again.
  • Have participants confirm with their support teams that their networks and accounts support Lync meetings and calls.
  • For an ad-hoc meeting or conference call, first try sending an instant message to one contact, and then add voice to the conversation. Lastly, add a third person. If instant messaging (IM) and voice work, but conferencing fails, contact your Lync administrator to ensure that the network routes and ports to the A/V Conferencing Server are not blocked.
  • For a scheduled meeting or conference call, try dialing in with a phone or joining by using the “Join online meeting” link in the Microsoft Outlook meeting request, whichever method you have not already tried.
  • See if others can join meetings or conference calls. If no one can join (or schedule) a meeting or call, the issue is likely related to network connectivity. (For example, there may be an intermittent issue or temporary network outage.)
  • If you are conferencing with external contacts, contact your Lync administrator to make sure that your account is enabled for Enterprise Voice.

Cannot sign in to Communicator.  You may have entered your sign-in address, user name, or password incorrectly, or the authentication service may be incompatible with the version of the program.  If your sign-in information is correct and the problem persists, please contact your system administrator.
1.    Check the password and sign-in name are correct.
2.    Check the user is AD account enabled for SIP URI.
3.    Use proper sign-in name sip URI:
4.     If the login continues to fail, then the verify Active Directory user account is not locked out or disabled.
7.    If this is a Kerberos failure check whether the client machine has access to the KDC. In some cases, Kerberos SA negotiation failures may be expected and hence can this error can be ignored.
9.    Make sure port (5061) is open in firewall and make sure that the server is running.

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