Monday, May 27, 2013

Exchange 2013/2010 Server Role Requirements Calculator Update

Here you go updated the calculator for Exchange 2013 & 2010.
Exchange team has been quick to fix the issues & the latest version is 5.6
Fixes in v5.6 are the following.
  • Optimized Volume Design Architecture Formula.
  • Fixed Recommended Min Number of GC Cores (Secondary Datacentre) calculation to use SDC instead of PDC CAS count.
  • Fixed CPU comments and removed erroneous information.
  • Fixed multiple conditional formatting bugs.
  • Fixed problem where this workbook had to be the active workbook at all times.
  • Fixed problem with extra-wide Fail Server button on the distribution worksheet.
  • Enabled variable based tracing.
  • Resolved VBA Divide by Zero error caused by DiskGroup = 0.
  • Fixed problem with lagged copies in conjunction with multiple databases per volume.
  • Fixed missing “\” character in path names in MailboxDatabases.csv file.
  • Fixed problem with WAN failure simulation.
  • Fixed calcNumAMBXServersDC2 to ensure it cannot have more servers that primary site.
  • Fixed calculated IO Multiplication factor formulas to take into consideration IOPS override.
  • Added condition to validate that there are enough copies for multiple databases/volume scenario.
  • Fixed conditional formatting and JBOD storage results when JBOD evaluation is disabled.
Download Exchange 2013 v5.6 calculator here
The 2010 calculator moves from v19.9 to v20.6
Download the Exchange 2010 v20.6 calculator here

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