Friday, June 28, 2013

Update Assistant Name Field in Outlook Global Address List

Sometime users asking they are Unable to update Assistance Name Filed in GAL for Exchange 2003/2010 Users


Due to misconfiguration update users not able to see his/her assistance.

Solution: -

There are two way to resolve this issue, one is through Exchange Management Shell and other is well known ADSIEDIT tool in Active Directory

  If users are belongs to Exchange Server 2010 below CMDlet will work

Set-User –Identity “User Name” – AssistantName “Assistant Name” –TelephoneAssistant “Phone Number”

Once you update you can verify with below Cmdlet

Get-User –Identity “User Name” |fl *assis*

Using my favored tool for updating Assistant Name through

If you see above result Assistance name is not updated in this case you need to user ADSIEDIT tool in Active Directory (all changes happening on Active Directory Database “NTDS.DIT”)

(Please be carefull while you are running ADSIEDIT tool)

  1. 1.   Click on Run
    2.   Type “Adsiedit.msc”
    3.   Select “Default Naming Context”
    4.   Navigate to “users OU”
    5.   Right Click “User Name”
    6.   Find “msExchangeAssistantName” attribute
    7.   Update the Assistant name
    8.   Exit from Adsiedit.

    Thank you.

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