Monday, July 15, 2013

Exchange Active-Sync Issue (HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error)

Now everyone moving to smart Phone and using Microsoft in-built feature ActiveSync for email access via Phone, sometime Exchange admin get the call from user facing problem accessing email and getting error “HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error” you will be get many resources for solution but I just  want to share my experience and might be help full for to doing troubleshooting for ActiveSync issues.

Error Message: - On the mobiles we just got an HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error). Also in the IIS-Log file I didn’t get that much information. Also just HTTP 500. Also verified the same in Exchange Test connectivity analyzer ( it’s giving the same Folder Sync HTTP 500 (Internal Server Error).
So users are not able to sync the corporate emails in mobile device.
Troubleshooting: -
1.       Verify user mailbox via ECP or CMDlet ( Get-ActivesyncDevice –Mailbox “dinesh”
2.       Check the Active Directory user and computer with advance features.
3.       Check the user details where ActiveSync enabled user account (which already synced with a device) you’ll find a new container called “ExchangeActiveSyncDevices“. Within that container you’ll find entries for every device this user is currently syncing or synced once in the life time (unless the device was removed within ECP or so). As below snap shot


4         4. Check the advance security tab of the user’s account, in my case “include inheritable         permissions from this object’s parent” not checked, it must be checked


5.       In Exchange 2010 grants special permissions to the group “Exchange Servers” at the Domain Level that actually grants “Create/Delete msExchActiveSyncDevices objects“.



After all troubleshooting I checked the affected user account al email start to synching to iPhone/iPad and also re-run the Exchange Test Connectivity analyzer and result was success.

Hope it will help full for doing troubleshooting, I will appreciate if you give the feedback for improvement.

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