Sunday, July 28, 2013

Live Meeting-to-Lync Transition

Transitioning from the Microsoft Office Live Meeting Service (LMS) to Microsoft Lync enables your organization to streamline all of your collaboration needs into one application. Lync provides intuitive communications capabilities with presence, instant messaging, audio/video calling, and a rich online meeting experience with PC-audio, video, and web conferencing.

Transitioning includes two related efforts: 
(1) ramping down your LMS usage and
(2) rolling out Lync to your organization. To help ensure positive end-user change experience and smooth transition, it is critical you understand your current LMS environment prior to implementing your transition to Lync.

Microsoft Live Meeting-to-Lync Transition Guide, A well-defined and executed plan enables you to successfully transition to Lync  Live Meeting-to-Lync Transition Guide

Technical & Administration Key Tasks*

  • Lync on-boarding
    • Activate your Lync Online service and/or Deploy Lync Server, as applicable
    • Customize and deploy the Lync Client/Outlook Addin to your desktops
    • Procure and configure your Lync devices
    • Configure your network (i.e. ports, IPs, etc.)
    • Configure the Lync Admin tenant (for Lync Online)
  • Live Meeting ramp-down
    • Uninstall the LM Client/Outlook Addin
    • Disable account creation tool (i.e. Portal, OSS, etc.)
    • Identify all conference centers associated with your organization and plan for their decommissioning

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