Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lync Server Control Panel returns that error "Insufficient access rights to perform the operation" when attempting a move user or enable user command

When using the Lync Server Control Panel to enable or move an Active Directory, directory service domain user for use with Lync Server the following errors are returned:
Active Directory operation failed on "DC1.Dinesh.com". You cannot retry this operation: "Insufficient access rights to perform the operation"

This is happen due to permission issue, if you see the user’s advance security tab, it will be unchecked “Include Inheritable permissions from this object’s parent “

1.     On your domain controller > Open Active Directory Users and Computers, and locate a user that you are having a problem with > View > Advanced > Select the security tab > Advanced > Permissions and Put a tick into "Include inheritable permissions from this objects parent" > Apply OK

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