Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Perform patching/Updates for Exchange 2010 in DAG Environment- Part-2

Perform patching/Updates for Exchange 2010 in DAG Environment- Part-1


First of all ensure that your replication is healthy and all copies are up to date.
The first step is to move all active mailbox databases to another DAG member so that the server can be updated.

To see a list of mailbox databases and their current active server use the Get-MailboxDatabase


In my environment has a multiple of DAG members and mailbox databases.
Move the mailbox databases using the Move-ActiveMailboxDatabase cmdlet. All of the mailbox databases are now active on server MBX2.

After moving all active mailbox databases off the server that you are planning to update, the final preparation step is to block activation on the server to prevent it from automatically re-activating a database copy while you are performing maintenance.
First check the current activation policy on the server using Get-MailboxServer.
Next, use Set-MailboxServer to block activation.

Disabling Server Monitoring
DAG members are monitored using SCOM; this should also be disabled or placed into maintenance mode.

Conflicting Services Stopping

If the mailbox server is running any Exchange-integrated services, such as antivirus software, these should be disabled prior to the update.
Such as trend micro, Symantec Antivirus etc. and one of the important services is Data Protection Manager 2010, which may be configured to perform Copy backups from passive database copies at frequent intervals through the day. Make sure these jobs are paused to prevent errors or conflicts from occurring.

Patching Procedure

Download Update rollups from Microsoft web site which is in .MSP file form, double click.
•    Then Click OK and then click on Install Updates
•    Once completed click finished and restart the server.

Perform patching/Updates for Exchange 2010 in DAG Environment- Part-3

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