Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Perform patching/Updates for Exchange 2010 in DAG Environment- Part-3

 Perform patching/Updates for Exchange 2010 in DAG Environment- Part-2

Install Updates on Exchange Server 2010 CAS Arrays

When it comes to update the CAS array members with patches, update rollups or service packs, the update process needs to be managed in a way that prevents all of the CAS array members from being offline at the same time. This means installing the updates to CAS array members one at a time, allowing each one to complete the update and reboot before updating the next member. We have to keep in mind entire process how to update a CAS array without causing the entire array to go offline at once.
Now we are going to update CAS array one by one, first step is to remove the server that is about to update from Network Load Balancing cluster.
We have two ways to take a CAS array member out of the NLB cluster.
Stop command to the server: This will immediately stop the server regardless of who is currently connected to the server.

Drainstop command to the server: It will put the server in a state where it will not accept new connection but will continue serving existing connection until they disconnect.
Here we will go for Drainstop because least potential impact on active client connections to the CAS array.
Darinstop launch Network Load Balancing Manager, right click on the server CH and choose Control Host and then Drainstop.

When the server has no more active connections it will be in a stopped state

Right click the server and select properties, set the default state of the server stopped; this will prevent it from automatically starting and accepting the connection after rebooting the server.

Note: In my LAB environment CAS server role is separate from Mailbox server role, if you have multi role server (Mailbox+CAS) you can follow the same steps to patching/update the servers.

Perform patching/Updates for Exchange 2010 in DAG Environment- Part-4

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