Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Perform patching/Updates for Exchange 2010 in DAG Environment- Part-4

Perform patching/Updates for Exchange 2010 in DAG Environment- Part-3

Preparing an Exchange Server 2010 DAG Member for Updates

Open the Exchange Management Shell and navigate to the scripts folder on the Exchange server, default path is C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Exchange\V14\Scripts.

 Next run the StartDagServerMaintenance.ps1 PowerShell script.

 Updating the Exchange Updates

Service packs are a complete reissue of the Exchange Server setup files and are installed by running setup in upgrade mode, which can be run in either graphical or command line mode.

Verifying the Updates

After the update has completed, reboot the server, check the server’s health before placing it back into production in the CAS array.
Event Logs – look for error or warning events that have started since the update was applied.
Setup Logs – service packs write a complete setup log file to C:\ExchangeSetupLogs
Services – check the Exchange services are running
•    Test-ServiceHealth
•    No service should show in ServiceNotRunning under any role.

Perform patching/Updates for Exchange 2010 in DAG Environment- Part-5

Post Patching Health Check Report
Patching Date
Mailbox Server

Inbound Mailflow (Internal)

Outbound Mailflow (Internal)

Inbound Mailflow (External)

Outbound Mailflow (External)

Outlook WEB Access Checkout (OWA)

All the active databases are mounted on preference 1 and healthy

MS Exchange Services checkout

RUN Power shell command

Get-MailboxDatabase "DB-NAME"





Hub Transport Server

Queue checkout


checking the IIS status

Connectivity to the dc

Certificate status

Mapi, Rpc, Owa connectivity through CAS

DAG Status

NLB Test

BB server

Blackberry Mailflow checkout

Database Connectivity Check

BB Router test network connection

BB Services checkout

SQL Server

 Check SQL service up and running

 Make sure SQL Mirroring status up and running

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