Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Can’t see Deleted Mailbox in Disconnected Mailbox under Recipient Configuration Exchange 2010

Sometimes when you delete/remove mailbox then you can’t see it immediately in Disconnected Mailbox option under Recipient Configuration.

To view disconnected mailbox’s, essentially mailboxes that have been deleted from their user accounts, you need to first ensure that Exchange has gone through and cleaned the database.  This is done to ensure that it marks that mailbox as deleted. 
We need to follow up below command to clean the database

Clean-MailboxDatabase DB111

Exchange gives no result from the command.  But now you can view Disconnected mailboxes through the “Disconnected Mailbox” view in the EMC:

You can also view it in the shell by running the following command:

Get-MailboxStatistics –Database DB111 | where {$_.disconnectdate –ne $null}

Deleting Mailbox:

By default, Exchange 2010 keeps disconnected mailbox’s in the DB for 14 days.  But say you want to remove this mailbox now and return it’s white space to use in the DB.  You need to remove the mailbox from the shell. 

You can do this by getting the GUID for the mailbox by running the command:

Get-MailboxStatistics –Database DB111 | where {$_.disconnectdate –ne $null} | select displayname,MailboxGUID

Now run the following command to remove the mailbox:

Remove-Mailbox –Database DB111 –StoreMailboxIdentity 9b40b188-5545-4de0-9ffe-27ede21c232t

You’ll receive a confirmation prompt, just accept it, and your all set:

Re-Connect Mailbox:

If you want to connect mailbox to AD account again, simply you can right click the mailbox click on Connect than follow the instruction and select the Active Directory account which you want map mailbox.

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