Sunday, October 20, 2013

Error 0xfffffae7 DAG- Exchange 2010


When i trying to add a DAG database copy via the Exchange 2010 console in a multi-domain controller environment you may receive the error:

A source-side operation failed. Error An error occurred while performing the seed operation. Error: Failed to open a log truncation context to source server ‘MBX01′. Hresult: 0xfffffae7. Error: The database was either not found or was not replicated.


Try to perform below steps to resolve issue
  1. Go and grab a coffee and wait for replication to occur
  2. Under Org Config -> Mailbox -> Database management select the datbase you tried to add a copy to
  3. Under the Database Copies tab, select the database copy and you will see it is in suspended state
  4. Simply right-click and choose Resume copy and the reseed operation will take place and the database should show as healthy and mount up
The easier way to add database copies and more reliable in my experience is to use the Exchange shell:
  1. On the SOURCE mailbox server (ie MBX01) run Add-MailboxDatabaseCopy -Identity ‘DAG01-MDB01′ -MailboxServer ‘MBX02′ -ActivationPreference ’2′
  2. That is all!  If you are adding multiple copies, don’t forget to update the activation preference to the required values

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