Monday, October 14, 2013

Group Call Pickup Lync 2013 CU-1

Microsoft Lync 2013 Cumulative Update 1 Microsoft added the new features called  Group Call Pickup. Call pickup has been a classic voice feature since the very early days of PBXs. Lot of businesses are still used to being able to answer other people’s calls by dialing special access codes from their phone. Finally Lync has capability to help ease some of the pain points for business transitioning from PBX systems to the new world.

A new Server side capability added by Microsoft which provides for powerful Group Call Pickup capability for users. Group Call Pickup is the ability for a user to be able to retrieve a call originally destined for another user. This capability is common in open office environments where one hears a colleague’s phone ringing but knows that person is unavailable. Group Call Pickup allows for the call to be redirected and answered by an available member of the group by dialing a special access code for that group. If there are multiple calls ringing on phones in the same group, the first call into the group is the call that will be answered when the access code is dialed. The other calls in the group will be queued in the order the calls came into the group after that. 


  • Users can be assigned to only one call pickup group at a time.
  • Group Call Pickup service uses the call park services running on front end server. When a call rings on a call pickup group user’s number it will simultaneously be automatically parked on the call park service. If the user picks up the phone the parked call is removed or if the call pickup number used to answer the call, the user’s phone will stop ringing.
  • Response group calls ringing on a call pickup group user’s phone cannot be answered via call pickup.
  • Calls delegated to another phone cannot be answered with the call pickup.
  • Calls to users with team calling configured cannot be answered using a call pickup access code.
  • Simultaneous ring calls cannot be picked up with group call pickup.

Team Calling and Group Call Pickup

Team calling is configured by end users in there Lync client and does not require any additional Lync server settings to be enabled while Group Call Pickup is configured by the administrator on the server side and require a server side configuration to be enabled. Additionally, with Team calling the group routing is limited to only the configured user endpoints while with Group Call Pickup anyone can pick up the call by dialing the number of the pickup group.

Configuring call pickup groups has not been very easy to do till now, due to Microsoft only giving access to configure call pickup groups through the very archaic SEFAUtil from the Lync Resource Kit (ResKit). - See more at:

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