Sunday, December 29, 2013


Note that whatever domain you choose to use here needs to have already been configured as an Accepted Domain for the organization. If we haven’t already done so we can switch back to the Exchange Management Console and add the domain without having to cancel your new email address policy wizard.

If you see there is no accepted domain in Accepted Domain tab. Now time to add Accepted Domain

Fill the all required details 

Click on Next.

Now we have created Accepted Domain, it is showing into on Accepted Domain Tab

Now back to Email Address Policy wizard and complete the process creation of new email address policy, now we are success to create the Email Address Policy, click on finish.

And we can see the Email Address Policy on Exchange Console.

Now we need to apply newly created Email Address Policy into OU called IT.

First we can check the existing email address of the user’s “Daljit.Simpson” it is showing email address.

Now time to apply Email Address Policy to IT OU to click on Apply

Select Option Immediately from email address policy 

Finally click on Finish.

Now time to check Email Address Policy successfully applied or not, open the user properties and select Email Address tab, now we can see the email address policy applied successfully for user 

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