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Now let’s check the results. Because I chose not to apply the policy yet the user Ada Worboys does not have an email address yet.

Email addresses before the policy is applied
If I apply the Email policy into the same OU. Manually applying an email address policy

Policies applied into OU

Once Policies applied now we can see the policy has been applied into HR Depart OU users.
Now we can see the below changes for user “Ada Worboys” email address is (lastname.firstname)
SMTP addresses after email address policy is applied

You may wonder how primary SMTP address is determined when two policies are potentially valid for a recipient. The answer to that question is in the priority value of each policy. The policy with the highest priority will apply, but only that one policy applies.

Modifying recipient properties to trigger email address policies
…the new SMTP address is immediately applied by the policy, because modifying and saving any change to a recipient triggers policy assessment.
SMTP addresses after email address policy is applied
So each policy needs to contain all of the SMTP addresses that you intend those recipients to receive, so that new recipients get them all. We can’t rely on different email address policies to apply cumulatively.

You may have noticed in the examples above that the prior SMTP address of was not removed from the mailboxes, it was simply changed to being a secondary email address (lastname.firstname).
This is due to the behavior of email address policies in that they are additive only. An email address policy will not remove or overwrite an email address on a recipient.
If the recipient falls out of scope of the email address policy they will not have any email addresses removed from the account, though their primary SMTP address may change when a different policy applies. In the case of Ada Worboys, if he is moved out of that OU his company attribute changed again (or any other modification made to trigger policy assessment) he reverts to firstname.lastname primary SMTP address, but retains as a secondary address.
SMTP address changed after policy no longer applies nor will the removal of the email address policy entirely cause recipients to lose those email addresses.
Removing an email address policy. Note that removing a policy causes those recipients to assess policies again.  Ada Worboys’s primary SMTP address changed back to with no other recipient modification or manual applying of other policies required. SMTP addresses after email address policy is removed.


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