Sunday, January 5, 2014

Exchange Server 2010 -Configuring Client Access Array Part-4

You should now have a dual host NLB cluster that is successfully converged

One final step, on each of the NLB members run the following command to allow the NLB virtual IP address to be reachable from outside of the subnet that it resides in.

Creating the Client Access Server Array
Now that the NLB cluster has been formed we can create the CAS array in Exchange Server 2010.
First, register a DNS record for the NLB cluster name.

Next, launch the Exchange Management Shell on one of the Exchange servers and run the following command

You can verify with below cmdlet in PowerShell

Updating Existing Mailbox Databases

When the CAS array has been established any new mailbox databases created on servers in that Active Directory Site will be configured with the CAS array as their RpcClientAccessServer.
However any existing mailbox databases need to be manually updates so that those mailbox users begin connecting to the new CAS array.

To update all databases on the server with the new RpcClientAccessServer run the following command.
The change can be seen by running the same command as earlier.

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