Saturday, January 11, 2014

Exchange Server 2013 User Mailbox troubleshooting steps

Below are some useful cmdlet which will help to troubleshoot for user mailbox for resolve the issues:

  • Verify the Exchange user mailbox legacyexchangeDN – Get-Mailbox rajisubramanian| FL legacyExchangeDN

  • Verify the Outlook web services connectivity – Test-OutlookWebServices -Identity “” |fl
  • Verify the calendar permission – Get-MailboxFolderPermission -Identity\calendar | fl

  • Verify the mapi connectivity of user mailbox – Test-MAPIConnectivity -Identity “”

  • Verify the email flow connectivity -Test-Mailflow -TargetEmailAddress

  • Verify the active sync connectivity – Test-ActiveSyncConnectivity -ClientAccessServer test\CAS2 -URL “” -MailboxCredential “JohnM”

  • Verify the Outlook connectivity – Test-Outlook Connectivity -ProbeIdentity “OutlookRpcCTPProbe” -MailboxID 

Hopefully this helps you troubleshoot any users mailbox issues you run across. We look forward to your comments and are definitely open to suggestions on how we can make this better for you.

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