Friday, February 7, 2014

Disable IM Archiving and Conversation in Lync Server 2013

Many organization enabling IM Archiving for compliance, but some of the organization don’t want to enable IM Archiving, means no IM conversation in outlook conversation history folder.
In Lync server we can enable & disable IM Archiving /conversation via Lync control panel or management shell.
Lync Server Control Panel:
1. Open Lync Server 2013 Control Panel, click on 'Monitoring and Archiving'.
2. Under 'Archiving Policy' you will see the 'Global' archiving policy, double click on Global policy for edit the same and remove both check mark.
            a. Archive internal communications
            b. Archive external communications

3. Click on Commit to save the changes.

4. On Monitoring and Archiving page, click on 'Archiving Configuration', double click on 'Global' policy to edit the same.
5. On policy page under Archiving setting select 'Disable archiving', so that below two option get grayed out. Here Exchange Server integration also get grayed out. 

6. Remove check 'Enable purging of archiving data' so that below both option get grayed out.
7. Click on Commit to save the changes.

Server Management Shell:
Before disable, you can always use Get command to know archiving status:
Command Let:-
Get-CSClientPolicy | fl DisableSavingIM,EnableIMAutoArchiving,EnableCallLogAutoArchiving 

To disable all archiving option:
In one go you disable your Archiving enabled option and Lync client IM saving option.
Command Let:-
Set-CSClientPolicy -Identity dineshsingh -DisableSavingIM $True -EnableIMAutoArchiving $False -EnableCallLogAutoArchiving $False 

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