Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Lync-Skype connectivity v2- Adds Video and More

Video calling between Lync and Skype. This is the next phase of plan to extend Lync enterprise communications to include the Skype consumer community. And there’s more - Calls will use a common enterprise-class security mechanism, so we will get end-to-end encryption based on well-established enterprise standards like TLS, SRTP , STUN, TURN and ICE.

There are also improving audio quality by using the SILK codec from Skype - designed specifically for real-time calling over the Internet. SILK has proven to be ideal for mixed enterprise/Internet calling scenarios. To sum up, Lync-Skype connectivity v2 now includes Video calling, Enterprise-grade security and best-of-breed audio.
For deep dive Lync-Skype connectivity v2

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