Saturday, March 8, 2014

Update for the Lync Desktop Client

Microsoft has done lot of improvement of Lync Client end such as Q&A manager, embedded IM images, Lync Meeting recording option and spell check, in continue improving Microsoft Lync team bring some more good news for us which are followings:

  • Toggle pictures of sender/receiver
  • Support of high-resolution monitors (200% scaling mode)
  • Transfer files and pictures in a Persistent Chat room

Toggle pictures of sender/receiver
In past when we were doing IM conversation or group chat  that time we can easily identify when had just sent an IM, especially when group conversation. But sometime you feel that this option is not good. In February updates Microsoft added in the functionality to choose whether or not pictures of sender/receiver would appear in IM conversation.

Support of high-resolution monitors (200% scaling mode)
If you see now new hardware 4K ultra monitors and notebooks offer an incredible display for work or entertainment.
When we were increased resolution in old hardware it inherently decreases the size of each pixel. Ultimately, when display Dots-Per-inch (DPI) gets sufficiently dense, this “shrinking effect” can make content hard to see and UI targets difficult to click/tap.
Now Microsoft address these scale/DPI issues, if you in Windows 8.1 the maximum DPI scaling value was increased from 150% to 200%. This additional scaling capability provides two distinct advantages for high-DPI display on Windows 8.1:
  • UI can scale larger which makes readability better and touch mouse interactions easier.
  • 200% scaling enables pixel-doubling for up-scaling which provides a clear and crisp appearance for images, graphics, and text.

Before February update Lync could have looked fuzzy and pixelated in these high resolutions, but now Lync team has addressed this issue with support for 200% DPI scaling.

Transfer files and pictures in a Persistent Chat room
In this updates we can do file and picture transfers into persistent chat rooms, Users simply drag and drop file/pictures into the persistent chat room and it is transferred to other members of the room.
Note: This feature is supported for Lync Server deployments only as persistent chat is not available for Lync Online deployments, also, the features work only for users connected inside of a company’s network.

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