Sunday, March 9, 2014

Wireshark for Network analyzer update 1.10.6

There many other tools are available in market for network analyzer, network protocol analyzer. Wireshark is an open source tool for profiling network and analyzing packets. Wireshark used to examine the details of traffic at a variety of level ranging from connection level information to the bits that make up a single packet. Packet capture can provide a network administrator with information about individual packets such as transmit time, source, destination, and protocol type and header data. The information can be useful for evaluating security events and troubleshooting network security device issues.

Wireshark allows the user to put network interface controllers that support promiscuous mode into that mode, in order to see all traffic visible on that interface, not just traffic addressed to one of the interface’s configured addresses and broadcast/multicast traffic. However, when capturing with a packet analyzer in promiscuous mode on a part on a network switch, not all of the traffic travelling through the switch will necessarily be sent to the port on which the capture is being done, so capturing in promiscuous mode will not necessarily be sufficient to see all traffic on the network. Port mirroring on various network taps extend capture to any point on the network.

Currently Wireshark Update 1.10.6 Available, you can Download from here and test on your environment.

Those who are just starting to use wireshark and maybe give a tip for them Matt Landis's blogs will give more details Tips & Tricks.

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