Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Lync Federation working only one way

Issue: Lync Federation is working on only one way and there is no error however unable to IM and see presence of federated partner other side.I am able to Instance Message and see the presence information of my partner Lync user however they cannot my presence and unable to reply my IM.

  • Perform the below steps to resolved the issue:
  • Verify the Lync federation whether it is configured properly or not.
  • Verify the port number 5061 and DNS resolution, which are the critical part.
  • Telnet the partnet Edge with 5061 (prefare problematic users)
             Telnet 5061
  • if you are unable to telnet try to use IP address 
            Telnet 5061
  • If IP is working it means some issue with DNS on Edge server
  • Resolve the DNS issue (external record) on Edge server and try to telnet 5061 & 443.
  • Once you resolve the DNS issue Lync client will work from both side.

Apart from above troubleshooting you can also check below some points:
  • Check the Host file on edge server and add the FE server IP with name and pool name FE server IP with pool name.
  • If you have director the same director IP with name and Director IP with director pool name both.
  • If you have backup pool and then add the same FE IP with server name and pool name to edge server host file.