Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Lync Tools - Get Lync Objects and Policies

Find all Lync Objects and the related policies and display them in a table format. Once again there are probably plenty of PowerShell tools that will do this for you. This however is an application without the need for running PowerShell or Logging in to the Lync servers (provided the core components are installed on the PC the tool is run from). Its a good way to extend basic searching of name and number assignments without the need to run PowerShell scripts manually, or collect information from a saved output file. 

Using GLOP

  1. Simply launch GLOP.exe (Get Lync Objects and Policies).
  2. Click on Query Lync to populate the data display window (Lync Core Components required for this). 
  3. Once Query is complete,  the Lync Objects will be visible in the window. If the Window has no data then the core components may be missing or your account may not have permissions to query Lync. (TIP Scroll to the right to see what the number is assigned to eg. user, Private Line, RGS Workflow etc.)
  4. Use the search box to find any number or user


Install the Lync core components of the PC that the tool will be run from. We like to nominate a Tool Server to run this on, also other items such as SEFAUtil.
The usual Lync RBAC permissions are required.
Click here for Download 

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