Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Exchange 2013 OAB Generate Multiple Times a Day

In Exchange earlier versions we can schedule an OAB generation in Exchange servers. As you know there are multiple changes on OAB (See here). The generation of the OAB back in Exchange 2010 was based on a schedule set on the OAB’s properties.

Now in Exchange 2013 (CU 9) we can generate Offline Address Book (OAB) multiple time a day.

There are two component in Exchange 2013 which are generating OAB in Exchange 2013 OABGeneratorWorkCycle and OABGeneratorWorkCycleCheckpoint.

OABGeneratorWorkCycle parameter specifies the time span in which the OAB generation on the Mailbox server will be processed. The default value is 8 hours.

OABGeneratorWorkCycleCheckpoint parameter specifies the time span at which to run OAB generation on the Mailbox server. The default value is 1 hours.

Default Exchange update OAB every 8 hours


If we want to generate OAB every 2 hours we can achieve this with below cmdlet

Set-Mailboxserver “ServerName” –OABGeneratorWorkCycle 00.02:00:00 –OABGeneratorWorkCycleCheckpoint 00:30:00

Once execute above command, I verified the Exchange server event ID, now it is getting generate every 2 hours.

The most important point is you have to set these properties across all your Mailbox Servers that might be generating the OAB. The server is hosting the arbitration mailbox with Persisted Capability “OrgnizationCapabilityOABGen” is the one responsible for the OAB generation.

For non DAG

Get-Mailbox -Arbitration | Where {$_.PersistedCapabilities -match "oab"} | FT Name, ServerName

For a DAG environment
Get-Mailbox -Arbitration | Where {$_.PersistedCapabilities -match "oab"} | FT Name, Database

finally check  which server currently has that database mounted:
Get-MailboxDatabaseCopyStatus “database”


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