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Exchange Online- On Board & Off Board user's mailbox migration options

In this article i will focus on how we can on board or off board user's mailbox after setup the hybrid environment in Exchange 2010 and Office 365. We can use multiple way to on board or off board the user's mailboxes, such as Power Shell, Office 365 Admin portal and Exchange 2010 console.

I will go thorough one by one for every option.

On Board users mailbox from On-premise (Exchange 2010) to Office 365

Office 365 Admin Portal

Once you login into Office 365 Admin portal, click on Exchange admin center and click on Recipients than click on migration tab

Click on plus sign and select Migrate to Exchange Online

default select Remote move migration, if you have other migration such as Cutover,Staged or IMAP migration

Once you get the next windows select the user's mailbox or if you have more users you can upload the CSV file.
Click Next and give the your MRX proxy server FQDN

Click on Next and give the batch name and target delivery domain (in hybrid it will automatically take) than select the which mailbox you want to migrate such as primary or archive and primary mailbox than select bad item limit and large item limit.
Once click next it will ask for email address for notification after migration and select other option such as Automatically start the batch and Automatically complete the migration batch.

Click Next and finish and your job will getting sync after complete you see the Synced the job.

Once job completed job status will show "completed"

Using Exchange Management Console

Once you setup the hybrid environment with Exchange on-premise you can add Office 365 with on-premise Exchange Server 2010, in my case New Exchange Forest is Office 365 tenant.

than select user from on-premise and select New Remote Move Request
Select users mailbox and select type of mailbox.
after selecting mailbox give the FQDN of MRX proxy server name and give the source forest credential
Click next and give the all required information than finish, once you finish the job you can monitor the move request from Exchange management console (Office365--> Move Request)

Now you can see all mailbox migration is completed.

Using Power Shell Command

Migrating mailbox from Exchange On-premise to Office 365 is one of the best way, following command you can use to migrate your user's mailbox.

New-MoveRequest -Remote -Identity -RemoteHostName '' -RemoteCredential $OnpremAdmin -TargetDeliveryDomain '' -BadItemLimit 20

in above Power Shell first it will ask your Office 365 credential than execute the move request command

Once you run this command you can watch move request with command :

Get-Moverequest | Get-Moverequeststatics

All those process you can migrate (on-board) users mailboxes into Office 365, also you can use the PowerShell script and schedule your users mailbox for migration which will first sync the all mailboxes into cloud (95%) and after business hours it will cutover the migration.

Off Board users mailbox from Office 365 to On-premise

Now i want to show how we can off board (from Office 365 to Exchange on-premise) the users mailbox

Using Office 365 Admin Center

It is same process like on board but here you have to select the option "Migrate from Exchange Online"

Than select the users mailbox which you want move from online to on-premise exchange server.
Give the MRS proxy FQDN

Here you have to give all the information such as your "Target delivery domain" mailbox type  "Target database" and your "archive database" and give the bad item limit and large item limit.
Rest all options will be same and you can see the migration status of the mailboxes.

Using Exchange Management Console

Off boarding the mailboxes from online to on-premises also same process to use Exchange management console, first select the your online Exchange recipient than select the mailboxes right click select the new Remote Move Request

 Select the mailbox type such as primary or archive or both than click next.

Now you have to select the target forest is "Microsoft Exchange OnPremises also give the MRX proxy FQDN name and user name and password for target forest. than click on Next.

you can follow the wizard and finish the process, once you finish you can monitor mailbox movement from Move Request from Office365 in Exchange Management Console.

Using Power Shell Command

One of the best way to off board mailbox from online to On-premise is PowerShell, following command you can use for off boarding the mailbox.


New-MoveRequest -OutBound -Identity -RemoteTargetDatabase 'DB01' -RemoteHostName '' -RemoteCredential $OnPremAdmin -TargetDeliveryDomain ''

There are multiple way to migrate the users mailbox from on-premise to Online or online to on-premise, some of the option i tried to explain in above.

Hope this post will help you when you are adopting online Exchange.

Thank you!

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