Thursday, June 23, 2016

Cloud-based archive pending

When I provisioned an archive in the cloud for a user with a primary mailbox on-premises, the archive mailbox provisioning status in the Exchange Management Console (EMC) changes to Cloud-based archive pending. After the cloud-based archive's created (in Office 365), the archive status is not automatically updated in EMC. Additionally, Outlook and OWA do not detect and load the archive mailbox.

I have update manually the archive provisioning status in on-premises organization using the ChangeArchiveStatus.ps1script.
  1. Provision an archive mailbox in the cloud using the EMC or the Shell on-premises
  2. Wait for the DirSync cyle to complete (this may take up to 2 hours)
  3. Confirm that the archive has been provisioned in Office 365. This step requires your organization's Office 365 account credentials.
    1. Use the Shell to connect to Office 365.
    2. Run Get-MailUser | fl ArchiveStatus and check if the value of the ArchiveStatus property is set to active.
Using a Shell session to an on-premises Exchange server, run the ChangeArchiveStatus.ps1 script using the following syntax:
ChangeArchiveStatus.ps1 UserName $true

  1. Refresh the EMC and verify that the user's archive status is now active.

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