Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Lync Contacts lost during user movement one to another pool

Recently we moved the users from one Lync pool to another Lync Pool, during the users movement someone reboot the Lync server, when we checked the users status all the users lost all there contacts.

We tried multiple option but no luck, finally we moved the users back to the old pool with the -force option, contacts should show again. After that we can move to the new pool without the -force option

Solution :

  • Move-CsUser -Identity “user”  -Target “OldFEPool” -Force
  • Once user has moved over and they have their contacts back
  • Move-CsUser -Identity “User”  -Target “NewFEPool”

You have to wait for ~15-20 minute for replication and make sure before move back user must be exit from Lync client.