Thursday, June 30, 2016

User mailbox converted on Linked Mailbox after migration from Exchange Server 2003

I was doing Exchange Server 2003 migration to Exchange Server 2010 and moved some mailboxes on Exchange 2010 server and after I noticed migrated mailboxes are recipient’s type is “Linked Mailboxes” which is not right, it should be user mailbox.

The reason it is showing as a Linked Mailbox is because the LinkedMasterAcount is set on mailboxes
  • Open Cmdlet
  • To see the LinkedMasterAccount run this command “Get-User -Identity “user” | FL LinkedMasterAccount"
  • Run the following command “Set-User -Identity “user” -LinkedMasterAccount $null” This command will not have any output, but it will set the LinkedMasterAccount to null
  • To verify run the same Get-User command from above. I will be Blank, or should be.

The account will now show as a User Mailbox and not a Linked Mailbox.  If you having bulk users you can use the Import-CSV Cmdlet to use a CSV as Input.

You can also use ADSIEdit with below steps:
  • Run ADSIEdit and find the account to be modified;
  • Clear the msExchMasterAccountSID attribute;
  • Change the msExchRecipientTypeDetails from "2" to "1"

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