Thursday, October 20, 2016

"Maximum Followers Reached" Lync contact list -Office 365

One of the my user reported he is getting error when he is trying to add one of manager on his contact "Maximum Followers Reached"

By default, Lync will allow 200 people to “follow” you or you can add contact list and see the presence. Lync will actually allow 1000 subscriptions to any account.  When someone subscribes they are actually making 5 calls for information, therefore only 200 (1000/5) can follow you.  This setting is controlled in the Global Presence Policy by the MaxCategorySubscription attribute.  This attribute can be anything between 0-3000, in other words you can allow up to 600 people to follow you.


Thumb rule check the event ID on your FE servers and you will see the event ID 32078 and description is "A user has reached the limit for maximum category subscriptions per publisher"


If you do not have the privilege to modify the policy than guide to user to delete the unused contacts/groups from Lync buddy list and ask to other user to delete affected users contact from their buddy list, wait for some time and check the status, it will show the correct status.


Modify the Lync client presence policy

  • Open the Lync Server Management shell Or if you are in Cloud the Azure AD Module.
  • Check the default policy with command  Get-CsPresencePolicy

  • Now time to modify the default policy but i will suggest you to instead of modify the default presence policy create new presence policy for affected user with 
New-CsPresencePolicy -Identity "PolicyName" -MaxpromptedSubscriber 400 -MaxCategorySubscription 2000

For existing policy 

Set-CsPresencePolicy -Identity "PolicyName" -MaxPromptedSubscriber 600 -MaxCategorySubscription 3000

Now time to assign policy to affected user, first check the existing policy 

Get-CsUser dinesh | ft Identity,Presencepolicy


Grant-CsPresencepolicy -Identity dinesh -PolicyName "policyName"

wait for some time and you will see the correct status and contact.

Modifying MaxCategorySubscription to a higher value will impact your Network bandwidth.

Happy Learning!

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