Sunday, December 11, 2016

Office 365- Fatal error TooManyLargeItemsPermanentException has occurred


During the Office 365 migration project, when moving mailboxes to Exchange Online, the Remote Move Request fails with the following error message:

Error: This mailbox exceeded the maximum number of large items that were specified for this request.

When viewing the log file for the mailbox migration, you see the following details:

Fatal error TooManyLargeItemsPermanentException has occurred.


The message size limits for Exchange Online migrations is 150 MB. It was 35 MB prior to January 2015.

If larger items than 150 MB are attempted to be moved through a default Remote Move Request initiated from the EMC wizard, the job will fail with the error message above because Exchange Online refuses the messages due to their size.

If you have mailboxes containing messages that are +150 MB in size, we have n still migrate these mailboxes but we will need to define the Exchange that it should simply skip the large messages that are refused and not abort the complete move request when encountering them.


First of all connect Office 365, Azure PowerShell.

If you have single user than use below cmdlet:

New-MoveRequest -Remote -Identity -RemoteHostName '' -RemoteCredential $OnpremAdmin -TargetDeliveryDomain '' -BadItemLimit 50 -LargeItemLimit 30 

When you want to set the Auto Suspend than you can use:

New-MoveRequest -Remote -Identity -RemoteHostName '' -RemoteCredential $OnpremAdmin -TargetDeliveryDomain '' -BadItemLimit 50 -LargeItemLimit 30  -SuspendWhenReadyToComplete

If you want to migrate bulk users in CSV, use below cmdlet:

Import-CSV "C:\temp\user.csv" | foreach {New-MoveRequest -Remote -Identity $_.alias -RemoteHostName '' -RemoteCredential $OnpremAdmin -TargetDeliveryDomain '' -BadItemLimit 50 -LargeItemLimit 30}

With Auto Suspend option:

Import-CSV "C:\temp\user.csv" | foreach {New-MoveRequest -Remote -Identity $_.alias -RemoteHostName '' -RemoteCredential $OnpremAdmin -TargetDeliveryDomain '' -BadItemLimit 50 -LargeItemLimit 30 -SuspendWhenReadyToComplete}

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