Friday, January 6, 2017

Released:Exchange Server Role Requirements Calculator v8.4

The Exchange Team released an updated version of the Exchange Server Role Requirements Calculator. This release focuses on bug fixes with the DAG auto-calculation functionality that was introduced in 8.3, as well as, support for ReplayLagMaxDelay.

New Functionality

Added support for ReplayLagMaxDelay
Added support for SafetyNetHoldTime in CreateDAG.ps1

Bug Fixes

Improved the DAG auto-calculation results display to highlight deployment configuration in both datacenters
Fixed an issue that prevented DAG auto-calculation in single site DAG deployments
Fixed a SPECInt2006 validation issue with DAG auto-calculation
Fixed a bug with the DAG auto-calculation with Active/Passive deployments
Fixed conditional formatting issues with the transaction log table
Removed data validation from certain unused cells on the Input tab
Fixed bug in calcNumActiveDBsSF formula

Download Exchange Server Role Requirements Calculator v8.4

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