Monday, January 23, 2017

Undo Send Feature to OWA-Office 365

We are the human and sometime we make the mistake, write the email in anger or after written/send messages we released we need to modify the messages or not to send email. Lot of time this will change our mind — so once we clicked “Send” we’ll see an option to reverse it on your screen for between 5 and 30 seconds, depending on what we’ve indicated in the settings.

As we all know google introduced Undo Send in Gmail March 2009, where users can manually enable on to use. Latter June 2015, Google made the Undo Send feature an official part of the Gmail.

Microsoft derivative another feature from Gmail, Undo Send for email delaying the delivery of messages, we can set 30 seconds the option to stop the sending messages.

You can find the relevant settings under OWA -> Options -> Mail -> Automatic processing -> Undo send.

Undo Send works as of now in OWA for office 365, Undo Send works a delay before OWA transmits an outbound message to the server, during this period, the message stay in the draft folder and can be recalled by clicking the Undo button and when the delay period elapses, OWA sends the message is transmitted to the server.

You can enabled a settings through OWA options and you can decide whether to enable the feature or not, as of now you can set minimum 5 seconds and maximum is 30 seconds delay. Again you can set the time as per your convenience.  One important things if you close browser then this features will not work.

Once you sent email and want to Undo then you can see on your right side on top the option to do Undo.

There is no option to enable Undo Send feature is in on premises Exchange mailboxes and use Power Shell because it is client side OWA features.

Microsoft already have the option to recall message which is in the Outlook desktop client, when we released to recall a message, if the recipients opened and read the messages then it will not worthy, again message recall mostly works on if the everyone mailboxes are in the same organization and uses outlook. If the message reached on mobile clients or transfer via a connector to another system then recall will not work. Recall feature is not available in OWA as of now hope Microsoft will replicate very soon.

Microsoft already replicated Undo Send to &, you can enable features on your personal emails also.

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